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Ana looked from Seb to Mariachi guy to Shawn, love you honey, so glad you're here and back again. Mariachi dude had confirmed she and Seb were not alone, and then Shawn came to further solidify the evidence.

No one seemed to have anything to say in this akward situation. So, naturally, great orator Anastasia took the initiative. "This is a celebration of course. Know what we're celebrating? Besides being still alive that is?" She hastily added before climbing atop a nearby counter.

"By the power vested in me, by myself, I declare this group of people the first citizens of newly formed independant nation Awesometownia! I declare myself Exalt and Monarch Lady Arcadia, Court Magus and Royal Consort Lord Thorton, Grand Physician Lord Bellamy, and National Herald..."

She turned to the dude in the getup. "Sorry, I'm blanking on a name here. Help your kindly despot out?"

No one tops an Arcadia on random pointless spontaneity. No one.
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There was once a dumb psuedo-news line here. Now there's this pretentious nonsense. YOU1 DID THIS, YOU1 KNOW WHO YOU1 ARE!

1. Yeah you, you nefarious ne'er-do-well you.
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