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One bullet. That had been all it had taken to set a spark off within the diner. Riley had screamed, and for a brief moment Lucia was certain she had hit the other girl. Her vision locked on to Riley, but it seemed she was unhurt. There was no blood, no damage done, Lucia’s bullet having nestled somewhere in the far wall.

Lucia stood where she was, still holding the gun in two shaking hands, staring across the diner with wide, fear-filled eyes. When Riley had run for the exit, she had tracked her movements with the gun, but no second shot had come. Same with Lukas. Her eyes had locked onto his body, her gun had been aimed at him, and yet she did nothing. For a second, Lucia remained where she was, shaking, staring at the open door, wondering what to do now. She had cleared the argument, right? She could leave in safety, couldn’t she?

Then Austin had spoken, and now the gun was pointed straight at him, Lucia’s gaze piercing him instead. At any other time, she would have been able to recall something about him, something about what he’d been like at school, but not right now. Not when he was still a threat, and especially not whilst he had a weapon in his hand.

Lucia’s eyes flashed between Austin’s face, so calm, as if this happened every day, to the object in his hand. It was small, silver, certainly not a gun. What was it? It had to be something pretty potent if Austin was willing to face the barrel of a gun with it. The fighting had stopped, but Lucia felt just as terrified about Austin’s weapon as she had been when listening to Riley and Lukas.

“D-dr-drop it...” Lucia stumbled over her words, pointing her gun at Austin’s hand for a split second, before returning it to its prior position, shakily aimed at his chest.

“Drop th-that first. If n-not, I w-will shoot.”
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