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The girl didn't seem to be hostile, thank God. Lukas also caught a glimpse of the bandanna on her arm. A scarlet one, just like his. Looks like had had actually managed to find one of his so-called teammates out here. As long as things didn't go south at a ridiculous speed, he might actually have someone to ride out this nightmare with.

"I'm Lukas Graves." He responded to her question. "'Course, if you've been on the internet a lot, you might know me better as GraveKeeper." He smirked at this second sentence. He figured that if he was supposed to work with this girl, then he might as well not keep any secrets.

He knelt down and opened his bag to answer her second question. "Now I haven't seen my weapon yet, but I guess I could take a look for you. He rummaged through his belongings. The first unusual item that he came across in this process was something that appeared to be a sumo wrestler's thong, scaled down to his size. He continued searching after that. He still wasn't planning on playing, but he didn't want to believe that he had been assigned a thong. That would just be insulting.

Reaching all the way to the bottom of his bag, he felt something metallic. He pulled it out, and stared at it in surprise. In his hand, he held a very impressive looking handgun. Looked like it had a suppressor, too. This amused him to an extent. This was an ideal stealth weapon, and the producers had given it to the guy that was never going to play. The irony was delicious.

"I've got this gun. Looks pretty fancy."

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