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Bunny couldn’t hide it; her face fell slightly when Cor revealed he had no idea who she was. She was far from being a complete unknown in Whittree, after all. Was it possible Cor had an identical twin that she’d never met? Bunny studied the boy in front of her for a few seconds. Nope, this was definitely Cor; same clothes he wore, same facial structure, all that.

Those seemed to be the only things that connected the Corin standing in front of Bunny with the Corin from school, however. When he’d spoken, his voice had come out as if he was unused to using it, all high-pitched and disjointed as it was. He was clutching the rifle close to him as if it was the last person on Earth, he was pale and shaky and...

Well, he probably looked just how Bunny did, really. Right now, she just wanted to lie down on the ground and just stop. Watch the clouds drift along, feel the wind chill her body and wait, because everything in her perfect little world had just imploded and Bunny was completely and unbelievably out of her depth.

But as Bunny followed Corin’s line of sight to her fucking scooter, she caught a glimpse again of the camera on the tree. Watching her, constantly, day and night. Millions of people staring at their screens, whether it be that of a TV or computer or whatever device they chose. They’d see her and judge her. Bunny had two choices. She could just stop, lie down, shake and quiver like Corin, or she could show the entire world just who Bunny Barlowe really was.

Bunny gave the camera a small smile before she looked back at Cor. There never had been any other choice, really.

“It’s Bunny! Bunny Barlowe!” she said, traces of her usual pep and cheer returning to her voice. She’d had to dig deep to find them again, but they were there; nestled and buried underneath everything that had happened.

“And yeah, Cor, I know my weapon sucks. I mean, they could have given me a scooter in our team’s colour, but nooo, bright pink it had to be. Compared to the clothes they gave me though, it’s absolutely perfect.”

It all felt so forced. All this cheer, this feeling of confidence she was giving off. It was all bullshit, and she knew it. The question was, did the audience? Did Cor? He looked like he needed help, someone to stay strong for him, and Bunny was always willing and ready to help.

“Have you been awake long? If you’re feeling sick, just... breathe a little. Have some water; you can take some of mine, if you’d like.”
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