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((SP4: Zoe Walker- Start))

Zoe was in one of the hotel rooms, her team bandanna tied to her wrist, sitting on the bed holding her weapon in her hands. She had woken up here not long ago and was now staring at her assigned weapon.

Damn this thing is huge.

The sword was big and long, looked fit for someone like Vahka from home. She remembered that he did mock combat with some other students.

Wasn't he a tattoo artist too? Sounds weird, but he hung out with Pia so he cannot be that bad.

Zoe stood up and took a test swing with the sword; she had to familiarize herself with the weapon if she wanted a shot at winning. It was heavy, but she knew she was lucky with what she got, for all she knew her classmates were out there picking out joke weapons from their bags. After a couple more test swings, she got at least a sense for the weapon and sat down again.

She looked at the buff tied around her wrist and wondered what poor saps was she stuck with? Hopefully it'd be someone useful fom her school, she was not up for dragging some useless people to the end.

She sat there for a few minutes contemplating this before jumping up to her feet.

I am not getting anything done if I sit here all day.

Grabbing her bag, she went out into the corridor, walking towards what she guessed to be the front lobby.


It didn't take long for her to get to the front lobby, but when she got there, all around the room there were signs of a fight having occurred, furniture were strewn about and there was blood on the floor.

People were already playing.


Zoe looked around; whoever did this could still be around. Her hands tightened around the sword handle.

If he or she were still around, she was ready for them.
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