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Riley heard Austin call out and that pretty much screwed everything up.

She instantly glanced over, terrified he was armed, and that split second of distraction, combined with Lukas’ admittedly-effective dodging, she missed with her knife. She recovered her balance quickly and prepared to make another move.

Gunshots rang out, and she screamed, involuntarily, and raised her arms protectively over her head. She hadn’t seen Lucia, and had no clue where the bullets had come from. She whipped around and spotted Lucia, and immediately she realized she was hopelessly outmatched. 3 other people and at least one with a gun was not something Riley could contend with.

Wait. What the fuck was she even doing? This was not what she’d ever thought she’d do on SOTF; immediately going bonkers and trying to stab people? Not only was that kind of dumb, but it put her in the bad position of being an early killer if she succeeded and a danger if she failed. That was not good either way.

She was getting g caught up, swept away in the moment and the situation, and she wasn’t thinking. Riley was rushing, getting anxious and overreacting for no reason. This wasn’t the cool, confident girl in the condos, this was a wackjob.

Riley whipped around and bolted, snatching up her bag from outside the front door and leaving the diner as quickly as possible.

((Riley Parker’s story continues in Summer Bitch Versus Cherry Boy))
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