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No response. Perhaps the best reply she could hope for; it kept tension high. He stopped. She would have preferred he keep coming forward, but this would do. An energy pulsed between them. Hopefully it worked visually; her seated posture had to throw greater focus on his height. A pretty little tableau, but could she do anything with it?

Then the other boy appeared and called out. Jewel flicked her gaze towards him. She was sure even before she saw it that he had a gun—he'd specified he wouldn't shoot them, while those without guns usually fell back on more generic phrases, "I mean you no harm" and such. The gun, when she saw it, could easily have been from an old movie. She didn't know its name, but she felt its pull. Guns weren't everything. They weren't anything if not utilized. Jewel had never fired a gun in her life. She wanted to hold this one. It looked heavy and smooth. The frost beneath her was starting to melt, warmed by her body heat, and she could feel the wetness spreading across her legs. It would mean more chill.

"Hey," she called to the boy with the gun. Since the tall black kid wasn't going to answer, she could put him on ice for a bit and check out the newcomer. Old news would keep. The new boy was less interesting in appearance than his gun. Short. Sightly fat. Redhead. Wearing an oversize coat. Someone didn't know how to manage his image. She hoped they'd at least bothered fitting her provided outfit. It was basic respect.

Pink bandanna on the boy. Good that the two guys didn't share a team, though that would've ramped up the intrigue a bit.

"Come over." She didn't gesture now. Never do the same thing twice, unless it's made more interesting through repetition. That was something Zach had understood, no matter how the internet bitched about it. It was a lesson Jewel was working on internalizing. Now it was the boy's move, his turn to steer their course.

And the whole time, Jewel kept track of his gun, not staring at it, not being conspicuous, just knowing where it was. She didn't want to be surprised to find it pointing at her, and she didn't want to be taken aback by the bigger boy diving for it.
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