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"Me too," Jewel called back instinctively. She wasn't yet sure if she was lying. Her weapon was there, and she smiled when she saw what it was. Five headsets, microphone and earpiece and radio, like what they wore in the secret services. The exciting part their potential, the message they carried to her.

The intercut walkie talkie conversation had been one of the highlights of Season Sixty-Five, so it stood to reason that they might provide opportunities to take the concept further. And she, Jewel, was the one entrusted with this. It was free face time handed right to her. Better than a gun. Only one set of these going around, almost certainly. And, of course, there was more underneath, food and cloth. She could see white, which made her want to groan but she didn't. Sometimes, people got assigned costumes that cramped their style. Nobody was forcing any of them to wear the stuff. She'd figure it out and cope.

Then there was the boy behind her, who she'd paid no further thought for the two seconds it took to confirm her gear but who she now allowed back into her mind. He wasn't planning to kill her. He'd come from behind the curtains she'd vaguely noticed, at the other end of the stage from where she'd pulled herself up. Had he been lurking? Probably someone wanting to make sure everything was safe before coming out. An early threat wouldn't have talked like he did. What would he mean to her, then? She swiveled, lowering herself into a fully seated position as she did. The frost nipped at her ass and legs through her skirt. She forced the smile to remain.

He was huge. She'd seen him around school. She probably had heard his name a dozen times in class, but it hadn't been important enough for her to commit it to memory. Maybe that would change now. Maybe not. She gestured towards him, beckoning him closer with her right index and middle. The hair on the back of her hand stood up. Her sleeves were still damp. Visibly?

The boy was wearing a hoodie and jeans and a beanie, which meant that he didn't have much going for him in the costume department but was probably warmer than she. He had a blue bandanna around his wrist, which meant he was an enemy in the long term. He had no weapon visible on him. He didn't seem unfriendly, but he was a big black man and it was early in the game, so probably she was getting focus right this second.

First impressions could make or break a contestant. Sometimes they faded, but often whether someone got talked about had to do with their first day showing, unless they later went on to make finals. Everyone remembered Marvia Jones for fucking Nate Chauncey, even though she'd played like an idiot and gone out within twenty-four hours.

Jewel had no aspirations to Marvia's position in the pantheon of Season Sixty-Six, of course.

She turned a little, making sure her upper arm, and the bandanna around it, were visible.

"Ever see somebody die?" she asked.
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