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Words still refused to make their way to the surface, but at the very least, Bunny’s mind was returning to something that could qualify as ‘working condition’. Maybe that was the best case scenario. At least her stunned silence meant she couldn’t blurt out anything stupid. She couldn’t inadvertently rage at the cameras, which she knew would have no effect aside from simply amusing the producers. Humour, too, was incredibly subjective, something she knew all too well. Something that seemed hilarious inside her still slightly foggy head would probably make her look like a complete idiot.

See, her thoughts were working perfectly fine. Mostly Bunny was thinking about how much she wanted to punch every single member of the SOTF team in the dick. Raging outwards would only leave her foolish, but raging inside her head gave her a small amount of satisfaction. There were more tactical thoughts floating around, though. Bunny knew that whatever knowledge she’d gained from watching SOTF was nothing compared to actually living it, but it would hopefully give her a tiny bit of an advantage. Hopefully.

For starters, there was the Slim Jim that Bunny was currently eating. She looked at the stick of dried meat, a blank look still on her face. There was a decent amount of food in her bag, but Bunny didn’t know how long she’d have to stay on the island for. The obvious thing to do was to portion her supplies out over each day; eating the bare minimum and all.

This Slim Jim was a freebie. Yeah.

The next thing on Bunny’s mind was the bandanna lying on the ground with the rest of her stuff. Slowly, she picked it up, tying it around her neck. Anything to block the collar from mind and view. She could still feel the cold metal around her neck, only enhanced by the chill in the air, but it was something at least. If she could find anyone else on the Scorpion team in the next three days, she’d be exceeding her own expectations and then some.

Finally, what was she going to do from here on out? Bunny looked around the orchard as she considered her options. She wanted to live, obviously; everyone did, though, and that was the problem. Bunny wasn’t prepared to take the ten kill option; Karen had done it successfully, but Bunny had no idea what that had done to the girl mentally. Even if she had planned on that route, her fucking scooter would have made it a lot harder to kill anyone, aside from in an incredibly brutal, bloody manner. God, the viewers at home would love that, wouldn’t they?

Bunny was saved from making herself physically sick with the mental image she’d conjured by her wandering eyes catching sight of another figure slowly walking towards her. A familiar one. She thought, at least. It was that artsy baseball player, right? Corbin, Corey... Colin? Something? She hadn’t been particularly close to him, which was a shame, but she knew of him, and that was a start. Bunny quickly looked back at the camera on the tree, and her voice finally returned. Shakier and quieter than normal, but there.

“Here we go then... the game begins...”

A similarly shaky smile made its way onto Bunny’s face, as she stood up, hands raised as a signal of peace. As the gap between her and Corin closed, she glimpsed a flash of silver around his wrist. Could it be that Corin was on her team, that she’d already found a friendly face? There was no doubt about it; that was the same colour silver as the one currently around her neck. The nervous smile on Bunny’s face grew a little. She still didn’t know the guy’s name for certain, but if in doubt, give ‘em a nickname. It never failed.

“Cor! Good to s... well, no. It sucks that you’re here. But, um...” Bunny pointed to her bandanna, smile still somehow on her face. “Same teams! That’s a start, right? Can’t be many people to have found a teammate, huh? You, um... you... alright...?”
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