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"Ah, thank you," he said, writing down the name in his notebook. Now he shouldn't ever forget. He felt his heart rate raise slightly as Naomi came closer.

"Yeah, don't worry," he said in response to her joke. "When I become famous, I'll make sure you're in every picture."

"As for after school... yeah. We can start working on the song today," he finished, patting her head a few times before standing up from where he was sitting. "I'll meet you after school, and we can head over to my house."

He looked at his watch. Five minutes to class.

"As for now, though, I must go," he said, pointing dramatically at the sky. "The coding planet needs me." He held that pose for a few seconds before letting his hand drop to his side.

"See you after school!"

And so, slinging his bag on his shoulder, he headed to class.

((Christopher Schwartz continued elsewhere...))

Second Chances V2:
Clair Belvedere - Box of Condoms - Hanging back in Earth Sky From Venus
Christopher Schwartz - Macuahuitl - Catching his breath in I Jumped Out and I Pranked Him to Death with a Tire Iron

The afterlife
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