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"Yeah, I mean you know..." he said, "for my next song, I was thinking of maybe having a live instrument in there."

He didn't recall ever doing something like that before. Maybe if it worked out well he could do it more often in the future.

Well, we'll see if or when that happens. One step at a time.

"I'm sure it'll be great. And hey, when I become famous I'll say that you were there for me when I was just starting," he said flashing a smile

Well, just starting isn't the best term, really. I have a following already...

He leaned in towards Naomi, going for the hand on the shoulder move.

"Yep. 'Track title' by MidnightGopher featuring... uh..."

It had occurred to Chris that he didn't know Naomi's internet handle, if she even had one. He couldn't remember whether or not he'd asked.


Second Chances V2:
Clair Belvedere - Box of Condoms - Hanging back in Earth Sky From Venus
Christopher Schwartz - Macuahuitl - Catching his breath in I Jumped Out and I Pranked Him to Death with a Tire Iron

The afterlife
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