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"Yeah," he answered, "I got an idea for a great melody. Cellphone," he finished pointing his pencil in the direction that the person had gone. It was a simple melody, nothing too fancy. It would be great for a happy hardcore track.

He wanted to try something different with every track produced, even if only slightly. He looked over at Naomi, eating her lunch.

He got another idea.

"Hey," he said, putting the notebook in front of her, "What do you think? Do you think you could play this?"

On the flute, of course.

Second Chances V2:
Clair Belvedere - Box of Condoms - Hanging back in Earth Sky From Venus
Christopher Schwartz - Macuahuitl - Catching his breath in I Jumped Out and I Pranked Him to Death with a Tire Iron

The afterlife
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