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Naomi giggled as she watched Chris flail around from the chain of events that started with her playful shove. Her giggling was stopped, however, when she felt her hand being grabbed and a strong pull downwards. Before she could react she tumbled over next to Chris and joined him on the ground.

She gave a little gasp upon landing and rolled over to face Chris. "You bastard." She said playfully. She picked up her beret from next to her, as it had fallen off of her head when Chris pulled her down, and put it back on.

She sat up and laughed. "Well that was fun." She picked up her lunch from the ground; she was quite thankful it was in a sturdy lunchbox. She flipped it open and pulled out the sandwich her mother had packed for her. "So... what's that you were working on there Chris? Is it a song?" She said, before taking a bite of her sandwich.
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