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Oh shi-

Christopher jumped as the voice suddenly came from behind him. He quickly tried to stand up, in an instinctive attempt to move away from the sound. At the same time, he turned to see who it was.

"Oh hey Nao-"

That's when his foot caught a rock, and he fell backwards as his butt landed on the ground. His arms flailing, had sent the sketchbook flying high into the air.

Crap! Protect the notes! Protect the music!

He didn't have enough time to reposition himself to catch it with his hands. Luckily, he managed to stop the book with his lower legs, as it landed on his raised shins like some sort of weird human desk. He quickly took the book back in his hands, while shooting a dirty glance at his girlfriend. Well, you know, not a real dirty glance. A fake dirty glance. A not-so dirty glance.

Whatever you'd call it.

"Hey..." he said. He was going to follow up with "You could have killed me!" or something along those lines, but he stopped when he got an idea.

Payback for almost ruining his new song.

Quickly looking around to make sure no one was looking, he finished his sentence with

"It's nice down here. You should join me!"

He then quickly sat up, reaching towards Naomi, grabbing her hand to try and pull her down with him.

Second Chances V2:
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