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Naomi walked into the Davison Courtyard with her bagged lunch by her side. She didn't often venture into the courtyard of the school, preferring to eat inside away from any insects that might have found their way into the courtyard, but today's weather had been so nice that she decided to head out into the courtyard anyway.

She walked around, seeing a few people dotted around, most people she knew but wasn't really in the mood to talk to, but one person stuck out. Her boyfriend Christopher was sitting over near the other side of the courtyard, hastily devouring his lunch. She smiled, she hadn't known Chris was going to be out here, so she presumed she ought to surprise him.

She walked up behind Chris, from her angle it looked like he was staring at his crotch, but she presumed he was scribbling in a notebook or using his phone or something of the sorts. Since he was obviously distracted by whatever he was doing, she decided to mess with him a little. She got up right behind him and said boo as she gave him a playful shove. She smiled wholeheartedly, having good fun at Chris's expense.
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