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Goddamn ham and cheese sandwiches. What would society be without you?

Christopher sat in the school courtyard, stuffing himself with his lunch, a sketchbook on his lap and a pencil nestled behind his ear. He'd been sketching in between bites of his sandwich, and was pretty much done putting down the idea he'd had in his head.

It was a character for a new session of DnD that was starting in a few days time. Christopher like to sketch out the character ideas he'd created, before putting stats to them. He felt that it made his characters more alive.

Having finished sandwich, he took the pencil from behind his ear.

Someone passed by just as their pone rang. It was a generic melody usually used as a phone's default ringtone...

...But it gave him an idea.

He flipped over a page and began to scribble down an idea. A new melody. A great catalyst for another song.

Christopher looked at the sketchbook, before smiling widely. He suddenly wanted school to be over as fast as possible, just so he could go home and try it out.

He was so happy he didn't even realize that, from a distance, it looked like he was smiling at his crotch.

Second Chances V2:
Clair Belvedere - Box of Condoms - Hanging back in Earth Sky From Venus
Christopher Schwartz - Macuahuitl - Catching his breath in I Jumped Out and I Pranked Him to Death with a Tire Iron

The afterlife
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