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"I'm with Louisa on that. The only people that have to fear from us are those intent on killing more people." Kyle rubbed his hands together. The collar felt heavy on his neck but he definitely didn't want to touch it now. He racked his mind for a plan of action. No more wandering aimlessly for this group. They had lost too many friends to keep doing that.

"Audrey, was it? I don't remember hearing your name on the announcements. Listen," He began "We could really use your help. The more people who stay away from playing along with the Program, the better. Louisa and I are out, so to speak. We have no intention of killing anyone if we don't have to, and even then maybe not. Plus, track and field right? We stick together as a team. What do you say, partner up?"

It was true the Program had changed his perspective on most everything in life. Before, even that small connection to Audrey would have meant nothing. Now, he knew he needed any allies he could get. Kyle sincerely hoped she could see the sense in teaming up. Even if she just wanted to survive alone, surely she didn't think it would be likely.

In order to make any progress at all without a weapon, you had to stick together. He smiled wearily at Louisa. "You up for including her in your plan should she join?" He whispered. For now, that at least had to remain secret.
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