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There was a worrisome series of comments, something about Kyle killing himself, which she didn't really understand but got the gist of, and she'd almost braced herself for something unpleasant to happen when somehow everything turned out alright. Then, he gave a reason.

It was decent. Good enough to make him want to live, and that was decent enough that she didn't have any protests against it (one more competitor, the Clark in her head whispered). But something said wrong, not the reason Audrey was looking for. It didn't make sense in the big picture. There were plenty more ways to get Americans to appreciate life than dropping their kids into a death trap.

It was easy to say no to the wrong reasons, though, and not so easy to find the right one.

"It's-" She hesitated for a fraction of a second. "It's Audrey. From track."

No point in hiding her identity now. Not when she'd already given her presence away. Not when her name would be announced if she got to the end. She put a little more pressure on the tree, felt the roughness of the bark against her palms, one leather, one skin.

"But don't get any closer."
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