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There was no more sound from the trees, but Audrey hadn't left quite yet.

What was she supposed to say?

Nothing, was what. She was no hero. She couldn't help Kyle come to terms with the Program, and Louisa was coping in her own way. In the end, they'd have to all stand on their own.

It was probably easier to run, now that she'd said what she wanted to, but she finally felt she'd caught onto something important and she didn't want to let go. She'd leave in the end, keep hiding and surviving, but now she had a reason to ponder. She could stay in earshot a little longer to listen and reevaluate.

Wasn't quite enough to just survive, not without asking why. It felt strange; she'd never felt like she'd been missing a piece of the puzzle until now.

Strange, but right.

She still hadn't come up with the reason they were all here. Maybe wouldn't ever figure it out. But maybe it was time to get thinking about it.
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