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"I guess I never thought about it like that. The service was never something anyone in my family minded. It was our duty as citizens, as Americans." Kyle looked to the sky. "I know it isn't what you want to hear, but in this place, waiting and silence are godsends. Everyone is so hyped up what they think they have to do here. But honestly, do any of the supposed 'patriots' even know why the hell they're going along with this?"

He was beginning to raise his voice, and that was a bad idea he knew. But he needed to vent all this pent up anger. "I've never been a military fanatic, but I supported the cause. America was an ideal, and the General held us all to it. We were all supposed to strive to be the best. To be an example to all the foreign nations of how people are supposed to be. And I had no problem with that! I believed in my country, that we were on the right path. So why in the hell am I here? Why is it that everything in this goddamn place has me questioning if America has ever been right at all!?!"

He began pacing around the trees, rambling on and on.

"We're taught that only soldiers know enough to use firearms responsibly. That only a soldier has the right to defend our country and its interests against the enemies around us. And yet we're dumped here and told to kill each other. And we do it because of what? Because some guy in uniform told us to? Why the hell does that even register with these idiots! So what if we were told to? We're not soldiers! I don't care if the order came from the General himself! This stupid thing makes no freaking sense!"

He yelled and kicked a tree trunk. He didn't care. All Kyle could do was try to rationalize it all, but there was no way to do that. So why, why could he not stop thinking about it?
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