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Voices, nearby.

It had to happen eventually, Audrey supposed. Sooner or later, someone was going to stumble upon her, and she'd have to fight. It looked like it was later, though, because these people were making way too much noise to be hunting anyone.

She relaxed a little, allowed herself to piece together the words the voices spoke. There were names dropped, names like Kyle and Shawn. They were still left, then, guys that she'd always thought were pretty decent people, if nothing special. One of the talkers was a girl. Louisa, from the sound of it. The other talking person was Kyle, and the subject was Shawn. Something about Robin committing murder, but Audrey couldn't make heads or tails of that.

Louisa, though.

Her eyebrows knitted together. Louisa had killed Brian, so she was at least somebody to watch out for. Yet the two didn't sound dangerous, just worried, and Brian had had that whole torturing-Becky's-leg thing going on. Two points in Louisa's favor.

Didn't matter. That didn't mean there was a reason to come out, or that it was even safe to.

Judging from the sound of their voices, they were a small distance away still, far enough to probably make it away if they got any closer.

For now, Audrey held her position, waiting, listening.
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