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((Permission to GM for the duration of this post. There’s a deadline to meet after all))

While Gerald wasn’t exactly the most imposing person, with his short height and small stature, he also wasn’t a pushover. He kept himself in shape and an active life gave him a physique that was wiry, but sturdy. Nevertheless when the girl holding the gun suddenly wrenched it to the side his hold on the barrel gave and the butt of the rifle found his jaw in the dark with a resounding crack.

The teen stumbled, letting out a grunt at the pain, but managed to reach out and put a his hands on the gun again, grabbing closer to the middle this time so the same thing wouldn’t happen again.

The swears of the girl and the cry of Bailey both fell on deaf ears as he kept fighting for control of the weapon, the former because he had never bothered to learn Spanish despite his heritage – something he regretted a little actually – and the latter because the blood pumping in his ears drowned out most other sounds.

Despite being an athlete, the girl had the weight and a considerable height advantage over Gerald and the laws of leverage were on her side. The distracting pain in his jaw put things even further in her favour.

In an attempt to turn things around Gerald stopped trying to push with both hands and instead suddenly pulled with one hand and pushed harder with the other at the same moment in an effort to maybe twist the gun out of the girls grip and into his. It seemed to be working at first but the girl recovered quicker than his thought and the twist became a turn which ended with the gun pointed directly at Gerald and himself holding the barrel in place before his chest.

I probably should have tried to twist it the other way, was the sole thought before the gun discharged. The muzzle flash lit up the night, giving him a brief look at his shooters face, and a loud bang contrasted with the silence that followed as he stumbled back, hands releasing the gun and moving to his chest.

They came back bloodied, a lot of blood, and Gerald dropped to his knees as he felt his legs could no longer hold his weight. He didn’t feel much pain oddly, or much emotion considering he was pretty sure he was about to die. He just stared at his hands, not really seeing them as the blood ran from his chest to stain his white t-shirt.

Then he fell, slumping to the side and landing with a soft thud, eyes still open.

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