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There was a short delay in between Jasmine finishing what she was saying and the boy speaking again, when he did though he was talking about playing an instrument. Jasmine couldn't imagine him playing the drums especially if he gave up easily. It took time to learn how to play an instrument properly, especially an instrument like the drums that require a lot of co-ordination and concentration since you were using three limbs at a minimum. Jasmine had never tried to play the drums herself since she'd never felt the urge to really play anything besides her bass but she'd been around people trying to learn enough times to know it was difficult.

The boy then started to talk about cars which made Jasmine zone out completely. She absentmindedly fiddled with the strings on her bass and played a small tune as he talked. The main thoughts going around in her head were mostly her wondering how she'd ended up actually talking to a minority. It was supposed to be a rule she had about not talking to them. Although the one she was talking too had said he had no intention of stealing her bag, so he couldn't be all bad. Jasmine still didn't fully trust him though; there was always the chance he was lying. She wouldn't put it passed him, although from the way he was talking it didn't look like he was planning anything. Jasmine played around with the tune she was playing and started to slap the strings to see what sound it produced. She was starting to drift off when she heard the boy ask a question.

She nodded her assent when he asked if her father was a lawyer. Jasmine could already see where the question was leading and she didn't know if she'd be able to answer it. The follow-up question of whether or not her father had ever told her and Topaz about the white people who committed crimes made Jasmine stop and think. Sure she'd always been aware that other Americans committed crimes but they were never really given the same coverage or brought up as much by their parents. Even when they were her father would normally just say they were traitors. It always seemed like the number of minorities committing crimes outnumbered the traitors when it came to committing crimes anyway.

"They're traitors, so they don't count. Plus more minorities commit crimes than whites anyway." Jasmine said before turning back around. "And I'm in a band; my one goal is to be a famous musician so yeah it's a little bit more than a hobby."

Jasmine couldn't keep the edge from her voice. He'd annoyed her by bringing up another stupid question about minorities; they'd at least been having a semi-decent conversation about music for a short time there. But he had to go and ruin it. The way he was talking almost made it seem like he was trying to set the conversation up so that she talked about her views on minorities and that was a subject Jasmine considered extremely boring.
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