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Ash almost immediately scolded Jasmine for making the statement about minorities being criminals. It way an annoying habit she had, Ash could never seem to let any of Jasmines comments about minorities being criminals pass. She really shouldn't have minded that much since she openly considered minorities inferior but Jasmine knew better than to bring it up since it would most likely devolve into an argument between the two. Jasmine instead decided to move the conversation back to the band.

"Yeah somehow we make it work. Even though I wish we went heavier from time to time and we still haven't decided on a name." Jasmine said with a smirk on her face that made it clear she was only saying it to tease Ash. Jasmine was about to say something else when a voice called out to the group of girls. Looking in the direction of the shout Jasmine saw Aaron Chalmers; she didn't know him very well outside of the fact that he played basketball, which was something Marley was involved with, he must have also played on the football team since he had a Minutemen lettermen on and they were only given to members of Patriot High's football team. Now that Jasmine thought about it she realised that her lack of participation in sports was probably going to a detriment to her as the Program went on since she had rarely engaged in any physical activity and was most likely to be extremely unfit.

Even though Jasmine had never spoken to Aaron before she had no problems judging him based off looks alone, and what she saw was promising. He looked to be friendly judging from his body language and the way he had called out to them, he wasn't bad looking either so that was a plus. Ashley was the first of the girls to greet him and like she had done with Amanda she invited him to join their band.

"Yeah, we're a big deal in," Jasmine took an exaggerated look at her surroundings. "The coldest fucking place imaginable. Oh and if you can't play the drums, sing or don't want to be a roadie you can always be our bodyguard, since we are so VIPs."

Amanda had greeted Aaron and then turned back to Jasmine and Ash. Jasmine would have made a comment about manners but it quickly became clear that Amanda was doing something important. As if to answer what Jasmines question would have been the other girl pulled a pair of hedge clippers out of her bag. She didn't sound impressed with her weapon draw but compared to Jasmines draw Amanda had struck gold...or would a better phrase be Amanda had a nuke or maybe just a bazooka.

"It's better than what I have." Jasmine said as she took out her action figure and held it up. "If anything needs a name it's this guy. I also need somewhere to put him so he can see everything." Jasmine then realised that she hadn't answered Aaron's question. "We're doing about as well as you'd expect honestly. We were just deciding where to go next."

Jasmine decided against asking Aaron if he wanted to join them straight away because she didn't want to make it seem like she was taking over the group. Although if she needed too Jasmine wondered if she would be able to take control. In the meantime though she was fine with discussing things with Ash and Amanda, it wasn't like they were in any immediate danger as far as she could tell. Being in the Program meant that they were always in danger especially when you took into account the fact that there was a chance someone had a sniper rifle. If she was honest Jasmine liked the idea of having Aaron come with them because he looked to be in good shape and would be more help in a fight than Ash or Amanda. She would feel much more comfortable knowing there was someone like that in their group.
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