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It was quite fortunate for the fair-haired girl to meet Ashley and Jasmine. Sure, she was going to die anyway, but at least she won't do it alone. A strangely comforting thought. The band girls even had a sense of humor, to boot. The metaphor, as ridiculous as it may be in this situation, was incredibly entertaining for Amanda. However, Jasmine's comment on minorities, as true as they were in Amanda's mind, were shocking. Being robbed, or worse, killed by some angry black idiot was something Amanda definetly wanted to avoid. The mere thought disrupted the light mood she felt just seconds ago. At least she was in a group, so she'll likely won't be robbed. Hopefully.

Jasmine also told them that they wanted to look for a better area since standing near this lake exposed them. This point was legit, but Amanda felt reluctant to move. Who knows how big this whole place is. Who knows how much these girls wanted to walk. Additionally, it was cold. Very cold. Sure, moving might help warming her up. And maybe they could find a warm place. Amanda realized she had a jacket, stored along with her weapon in her green, ugly duffle bag.

However, before she was able to pick it, a male voice appeared. It startled Amanda for a second, but it didn't sound malicious, so she didn't feel in a panick. She turned around to the new person, the voice seemed similiar, and yes, it was who she suspected to be.

Aaron Chalmers. Quite the looker. Amanda didn't know him well, aside from the fact that he is part of football team. They never really spoke to each other, but this seemed to be about to change here, in the Program. Funny, in a competition in which she had to kill or get killed, she got to socialize.

"Hello Aaron, nice to see you..."

She quickly greeted the boy, before turning around to the girls again. To prove her trust in them, she took her duffle bag, got the hedge clippers, and showed them to the girls.

"Well... this here's my weapon, I guess. No name yet for this useless junk." What would be a good name for a pair of hedge clippers? Clint? Clint sounded nice. Maybe. She stopped thinking about naming it, it was stupid. And a little bit frightening. But mostly stupid. Well, Amanda's tendency to name non-living objects, like their vacuum cleaner, Jerry, seemed to get the hold of her for a moment.

Laying her "weapon" on the floor, she got her assigned jacket and began to dress herself with it.
Program v2
O F21: Amanda White DEAD (Hedge Clipper)

TV v2
Vincent Holway GIVEN AWAY (Bolo Knife) |>=<
Lisa Toner DEAD ||Ladies|Boys||

Amanda White ALIVELaing - Zeig Deine Muskeln
Vincent Holway DEAD
Summary: Vincent's meat gets engulfed by a warm hole, finished by a warm fluid entering his throat, the woman in question is impressed for once
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