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Huh, that was an unexpected reaction. Gerald had been expected nothing but more silence in response to what he had just said, in fact except for that last part about the bass he was treating the conversation more like he was talking to himself that to another person. But then she went and answered him with full sentences, she actually turned to look at him for the first time since he had arrived. And was that an actual compliment?

It seemed like all Gerald had to do to get the girl to open up was find the right conversation point; as much as she didn’t like minorities it seemed as if the girl couldn’t resist talking about her instrument. It even got her to respond to his other comments as well and reveal that her father was a lawyer.

“I don’t think I’d have the patience for that, playing an instrument I mean. Maybe drums since it’s like a full body exercise, but I get the feeling if I didn’t see results right away from the practise I’d give up really quickly. I’m like that with everything; can’t focus if I’m sitting still for too long.”

To keep things going Gerald came up with a rough plan; talk to her about her bass to get her to respond, then work in other parts of the conversation alongside it. And, since she had been opening up about herself it was only fair that he do the same, offer a little quid pro quo.

“Cars seem to be the exception; you know, working on engines. My parents bought me an old car, a real hung of junk, so me and my dad would have something to work on together.” Gerald seemed to drift off slightly as he thought about it, small grin spreading across his face as he did so. “We’re having to replace so many parts on the thing it’s probably going to be a completely different car by the time we finish. Don’t know why I don’t get bored or frustrated with engines like I do everything else though, even when we go weeks without making any progress on it. Guess they just focus me.”

Gerald’s focus came back into the room and he turned his head to look at Jasmine, who had yet to turn back away from him. So far so good apparently.

“So you’re dads a lawyer? Guess that makes sense. Of course he has to deal with people who break the law all day, that’s his job. Does he only ever tell you stories about the minorities who get arrested though? He doesn’t tell you about all the white people stealing and shooting people? It’s not like only people with dark skin do that kind of stuff.”

Heavy stuff over, time for the segue.

“So are you in a band? Or want to be at least? It sounds like more than just a hobby to you.”
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