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Ash smiled at Amanda. "Hey, no worries! People've gotta stick together, right? Doesn't really matter if we were friends or not, as long as you're a cool person. Which you seem to be, so, no problem!" Hurrah, their duo had already evolved into a trio! Chances of survival? Er, probably not that much higher! Well, more company was still cool.

"Ha, we sort of need a keyboard player, anyway." Ashley said, determined to keep the band metaphor ball rolling. "Right now we've only got my guitar, Jaz's bass, and Marley's Violin. Kind of a weird mix, but it does work!" Their band wasn't exactly at a professional skill level, but making music was still fun, and they'd majorly improved since their founding.

Ash'd always dreamed of them one day managing to put an actual album together, spread their music across the U.S. Probably wouldn't be very likely, but hey, nothing stopping her from hoping, right?

Another thing she'd never get to do. Fucking Program.

Jasmine made a comment about minorities, causing Ash to glare at her a bit. "C'mon, Jaz. We've been over this a thousand times. Just because non-pure Americans are inferior doesn't mean they're monsters. They can be law-abiding, productive members of society! Never as good as most Americans, of course, but you need to give them some credit!" She sighed. That particular issue was pretty much the only thing she really disliked about Jasmine. Just because someone was lesser than you doesn't mean they automatically have to be criminals!

A male voice, greeting her group, caught Ashley's attention. Turning her head in the direction it came from, she spotted Aaron standing a fair distance away from him, holding a lasso. Ash didn't really know him well, except for that he was on the basketball team with Marley.

The two'd gotten in a bit of a fight after a "friendly" one-on-one match during lunchtime, which was admittedly Marley's fault. He'd ended up getting aggravated enough to foul Aaron on purpose, which of course was hardly a good way to get along with someone. Argh, Marley was a great guy, but his temper could be such a pain in the ass sometimes!

"Heya!" Ashley called out to Aaron. "Hope you can play drums or sing, 'cause this band's got no other openings!" She grinned. "Well, you could be our roadie, if nothing else, I guess!'
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