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Aaron opted to circle wide of the lake itself while he walked around it, sticking to the cover of the trees and other foliage around it than to walk exposed in the open of the lake's shores. As such he spotted the three figures standing further down the shore before they saw him.

He was still far away enough that he couldn’t make out who they were exactly, and he probably wouldn’t have known anyway, but he could tell they were all girls. He stopped walking and just stood there for a while, considering what to do now that he had actually found someone else.

This was The Program. Anyone could try to kill you, even your best friend. People went crazy in this situation. Some people were crazy before and The Program just gave them an excuse to express it. What kind of person were these girls?

If it really came down to it he was pretty sure he could take them in a fight, even if it was three on one. He was in good shape, strong and athletic, and he knew how to take a hit. These three before him, probably less so on all those points. Hell, from what he could see he thought one of them was wearing a cast on her arm.

That was, of course, a last resort however. He had no intention of attacking anybody, he wasn’t even sure he could bring himself to hurt somebody in self-defense.

The girls seemed harmless enough anyway. They were all just standing around, talking; there wasn’t anything aggressive in the way they were standing or acting. That meant they were probably safe to approach.

Aaron stepped out from the tree cover onto the shore, out where he could be seen. Whether or not these girls were safe, they were probably scared; it wouldn’t do to surprise them by sneaking up on them.

He began to approach, walking at a slow pace down the shore, hands at his side and face neutral. Once he was close enough he raised his right hand, the one not holding the lasso, and waved at the group.

In a way this intimidated him more than if he was approaching a hostile group. Action he could do, he could handle that, talking was something else. Aaron had never really been a sociable person, never had time to get to know his peers or take any appreciable time for socializing. Especially not with the fairer sex.

“Hey.” The jock called out to announce his presence to those who hadn’t seen him, making sure not to raise his voice too much and to make himself known from a safe enough distance. “How’s it going.”
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