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The way the boy asked if Jasmine was one of those people made it clear it was a rhetorical question. It sounded like he was about to continue talking as well so Jasmine decided not to answer. At least he wasn't going to take her bag though. That was something she didn't need to worry about.

The boy then started asking her where she got her idea that minorities were criminals. The truth was she got it from the stories her father told her and Topaz every day at the dinner table. He worked as a lawyer and would always have stories from work that he would tell them. The stories always involved the prosecution of a minority for committing a crime. The crimes ranged from vandalism and thievery all the way up to homicide and armed robbery. Once he even had a story about a kidnapping. Sometimes the stories would be ones he was directly involved with and sometimes they would be cases that someone else at his work was involved with. But the content of the stories was always the same and they always had the same moral. Plus they were all true so it wasn't like her father had been coming home and lying to them every day of their lives.

He was right on one point though, she'd never spent a long time around minorities, because why take the risk. If what she had been told throughout her life was true...and she saw no reason for it not to be. Why would she take the risk of being around minorities when she was most likely going to get robbed at the least? Jasmine never really interacted with minorities anyway. She'd developed a habit of ignoring them completely whenever they were around her. Since she was rarely near minorities though it was hardly ever an issue, but this boy had turned it into one. Jasmine wished he had been like the girl and had just left as soon as he'd walked in. Then she would have been able to practice and had a productive free period. Instead she was now talking to a Latino boy. Something she never wanted to do. Although the sudden shift in the subject of his talking was unexpected then again he was asking about her bass.

"I got this for my thirteenth birthday. My parents paid for lessons and I play every day. It's the thing I own that I care about most." Jasmine unconsciously ran a hand along her bass as she spoke. She then turned to face the boy properly for the first time since the conversation began. "And to answer your question my father's a lawyer. So he had to deal with minorities who broke the law every day. So he didn't just make things up." Jasmine went to turn back around but changed her mind. "And yeah I don't talk to or spend much time around minorities, because I don't want to get robbed."

Jasmine had preferred the part where she'd talked about her bass. It was the one thing she could never resist talking about. It was her most prized possession and she always had pride in the ability she had at playing it. It always made her feel good to know that she was skilled at something not everyone else was. The fact she was actually in a band was something else she'd wanted to be a part of since she'd started listening to heavy metal music. Her bass and love of music was one of the biggest parts of her life. She always made it a point to practice for four hours a day even if that meant going deep into the night. Not that it really mattered since she'd just watch horror movies until the early hours of the morning if she wasn't practicing.

"Honestly though no one else is ever this persistent so I've got to give you that."
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