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Ashley's greeting to Amanda was to strike an air-guitar pose. Jasmine didn't have time to think of a pose herself so she quickly held up the devil horns with both hands and stuck her tongue out. As soon Ash broke her pose Jasmine burst out laughing. She had no idea why she found it so funny, but if she couldn't have a last bit of fun with one of her best friends what was the point. It did make her wonder how her other friends were doing; especially Stephanie, her other best friend. Jasmine wondered how difficult it would be to find her. After all she didn't know how big the area they were in was but Jasmine assumed that since the aim was for the students to...kill each other. The area they were allowed in couldn't have been too big, since they would want the students to be able to encounter each other. It didn't seem unfeasible for them to be unable to find Stephanie. It was more of a question of if the others would be up for the idea.

Ash made another joke as she offered Amanda the chance to join them. Jasmine saw no problem with Amanda coming with them because Amanda had no chance of betraying them, unless she was an idiot and thought she could take out two people with only one arm.

"Keyboards or vocals. Since the only other spare spot is drummer and I don't think you'll be able to do that." Jasmine said with a wry smile. It felt good to make a joke again, of course her jokes were all made at the expense of others but anyone who had a problem with that needed to lighten up although in the Program where the chances of people being stressed and on edge were high maybe it wasn't the best idea. Then again it made her feel better so everyone else could deal with it because there was no way she was sacrificing one of the only things that had a chance of keeping her sane just because someone couldn't take a joke.

"It's fine. We have to look out for each other anyway. You wouldn't want to meet a minority in this game, they'd probably rob you...or worse and we can avoid that by sticking together."

Jasmine then remembered that Ash had mentioned moving saying that she felt exposed out by the lake. Jasmine knew how she felt because she had the exact same feeling. There was nothing around the lake apart from a couple of old wooden shacks that Jasmine assumed were for boats, and they didn't look like they could stand up to a strong breeze let alone whatever they could encounter of the course of the Program. Ash was right they did need to move, Jasmine's mind went back to the thoughts she had just pushed from her head, what if someone had a long range gun? It would be easy to pick them off. It was much better for them to move before they were put in danger.

"Ash was just saying that we should probably move somewhere else." She explained to Amanda. "Find somewhere less exposed, we were just checking the map when you came along."

Since Amanda was now officially part of their group Jasmine felt that she needed to be kept in the loop, after all trust would be key. She'd seen many groups that had formed on prior versions of the Program be destroyed by a lack of trust and she didn't want that to happen to her.
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