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Saying hello and asking how someone is were Amanda's favorite things when it came down to talking to other people. Being in a game of death might have been different that meeting in the streets. However, something that was done for countless times tends to impact your behaviour deeply, so her guts told her to talk to them as if they were some strangers she wanted to socialize with.

Her guts were right. Neither Ashley nor Jasmine seemed threatening. No, they even were friendly. Genuinely friendly, if Amanda's feelings were right again.

Either way, Jasmine greeted Amanda casually, apparently feeling not that great. Understandable, given the situation they all landed in. Ashley herself showed to be more enthusiastic, asking Amanda if she wanted to join their rock band. The fair-haired girl began to chuckle. Ashley's words comforted Amanda. She ran into someone that didn't decide to kill. Pointing at her broken arm, she jokingly said:

"Heh, I think the only thing I'll be able to do will be plunking on some keyboard."

And joining them? Amanda wasn't certain. She'd like to have some company around her, especially because Ashley and Jasmine seemed nice and thus relieving to have around. Maybe it would be a good idea to stay together and as Ashley said, "rock the game". A shiver ran through her as she realized how these words could be alternatively interpreted. Surviving... and killing.

Reminding herself that this is not the time to think about that, even more so because this probably wasn't Ashley's intention, Amanda replied to the girls she barely knew.

"Umm... I know we weren't friends before, so that's really nice of you... It would be cool if we travel together. For a while, at least."
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