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"We should probably start moving, Jaz." Ashley said, rifling through her bag. "If I can just find... here we go." She drew out the map, holding it up. "Feels sorta exposed here, y'know?" Scanning for anything resembling a lake, she pointed at a spot that seemed to where they were at. "Here we are! Probably. Uh, so, what's right next to us...?"

Before Ash could examine the map any closer, her thought process was interrupted by a new voice, calling out a greeting. Ashley tensed a bit as she looked up, but relaxed again as she recognized the girl. Amanda was not a person Ashley knew very well, but she seemed pretty cool. Through pretty much the worst of all possible luck, the girl's arm had been broken prior to being throw into the Program. Amanda couldn't be much of a threat, at least.

Ash immediately reprimanded herself for even thinking that. Reducing people to categories of "Threat" or "Not a Threat" was never a good thing. These people were her classmates, dammit! There was absolutely no way Ashley was going to hurt anyone, after all, so she had to make sure not to even think that she would!

Through all her years of watching the Program, she'd seen more than enough completely ordinary people just... snap. To be perfectly honest, it scared her shitless. Just the thought of crossing some line, performing a perfect fucking pirouette off the slippery slope, doing something unforgivable- this line of thinking needed to stop, now, or she'd end collapsing in tears.

Doing her best to not let any of her self-doubt show on her face, Ashley cheerily waved to Amanda. "Heya! I'm doing pretty fine! Jaz and I are gonna rock this thing!" She struck a rather silly air guitar pose. "You're more than welcome to join us! A rock band with only two members is pretty shitty, doncha think?" Maybe if she made enough silly music metaphors, Ashley'd be able to keep herself relatively calm. In her opinion, at least, it was the best available option at the moment.
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