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Jasmine was starting to get fed up. It was clear she wasn't going to be able to practice at all, in part due to the constant interruptions and now due to the fact that she was in an argument with whoever this boy was. Seeing as he was a minority though it was likely he'd get aggressive. At least that's what Jasmine had been told and the people her father told her about did little to sway her opinion. It was annoying because he clearly knew Jasmine hadn't wanted to talk to him and would've preferred to be alone to practice. Yet he'd stayed and then had interrupted her while she was practicing.

He continued to talk though. Hell he sounded like once of her teachers when they gave her a lecture about falling asleep in class. It was a storm of rhetorical questions. It was a song she'd already heard. Same beat, different lyrics. Yet there was something more to it. Somewhere in all of his questions the boy had managed to hit a nerve. He'd accused Jasmine of thinking she was better than everyone else. Now it was common knowledge to the people who knew Jasmine that both of her parents were rich and successful, which in turn meant Jasmine had a comfortable lifestyle, and yes maybe she was spoiled from time to time by her parents. Jasmine herself never rubbed it in anyone's face. At least not on purpose or in any serious way.

But now someone who didn't even know her was accusing her of thinking she was better than everyone else. "I ignored you because you interrupted me when I just wanted to practice and I don't talk to minorities, since you're all criminals anyway."

That was the reasoning Jasmine had used for her whole life. All the stories she'd about minorities said that they were violent and aggressive criminals and those that weren't sold drugs and ripped people off. There was a slim chance that somewhere there was a respectable minority but if that person existed Jasmine hadn't heard about them, and neither had anyone else. Jasmine had never heard anything to disprove what she thought anyway. Jasmine could draw from first-hand experience since she tried hard not to talk to any minorities, but the boy wasn't doing anything to sway her opinion. If anything he was just reinforcing it. Jasmine couldn't stop herself from glancing at her bag to make sure it was still there. After all it was one of her favourite bags and had cost a lot of money. If the boy decided to steal it she wasn't going to be able to stop him, but as long as he didn't try taking her bass Jasmine would be fine.

She didn't feel any need to explain herself further. It wasn't as if she'd spoken to the boy much anyway. If anything she'd made it clear that she didn't have any interest in speaking to him. Then again it wasn't as if he'd paid any attention or taken that into consideration before, so she didn't expect him to take any notice of that. If how he'd reacted to her last comment was anything to go by though he wasn't going to shut up any time soon and was intent on arguing with everything she said. So why bother?
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