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Gerald creased his brow as the girl spoke: apparently something had been lost in translation with what he said. She was right that just ignoring someone wasn’t aggressive, it was worse in a way; by just sitting there and not acknowledging the other girl as she greeted her she created an awkward atmosphere in the room that forced the other girl to retreat as surely as if she had just told her to get lost.

And the girl with the bass couldn’t really be blamed for it because she was right, she wasn’t being aggressive, she was just choosing not to say anything and whatever the other girl did after that wasn’t her concern.

That sort of passive/aggressive approach always annoyed Gerald. The people who did that to him were the ones who made him the angriest. At least the bullies who chose to lash out at him physically or verbally were confronting him face on where he could do something about it, and he could respect that they at least judged him important enough to target. The people who just flat out ignored him made him feel like he was someone who could just be easily dismissed, unimportant. Like he was worth less than them.

This girl was like that. She wasn’t doing it to him because of race like the others, or at least he guessed it wasn’t because of that since she had ignored the other girl as well, but she was still ignoring him. Even now while she spoke she didn’t even look up at him, like she was just talking to herself, or voicing some idle thought out loud.

Normally in this situation Gerald probably would have just walked away. There was no point in trying to keep arguing with people like this as they could always just sit there and ignore anything you said, never reacting to anything you did. And there was nothing more frustrating than feeling like you were just beating your head against a brick wall like that.

The teen was about to do just that, when the girl had to throw out one more little comment.

"Shouldn't be that hard to understand."

Now, Gerald knew he wasn’t the smartest kid in school – he probably wasn’t even as smart as he thought he was – but it still bothered him when people called his intelligence into question, when people just assumed he was stupid, whatever logic they were using to reach that conclusion.

So, instead of leaving, Gerald did what he always did in these situations. Stood his ground, and pushed back.

“Why didn’t you do that? You don’t have to be aggressive about it, but what was wrong with just asking me to leave when I stepped through the door? I wouldn’t have listened, I had a reason for coming in here, for staying, but I would have left by now if you had just said that from the start.” Gerald leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms over his chest in a defiant posture. “So why did you just sit there and ignore us like we weren’t even here? Why won’t you look up at people while they’re speaking to you? Do you think you’re better than everyone else… or just better than me?”
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