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Even Jasmine drew the line at hugging; Ash had no such qualms and hugged Jasmine as soon as she reached her. Even though Jasmine hadn't decided to hug Ash she realised that she was returning it. Sometimes emotions just took over she guessed. Jasmine was pleased to see that Ash still had her sense of humour intact despite what they were involved with, which was something at least. Jasmine couldn't help but smile a little at her friends explanation of what had taken her so long.

It was amazing how much Jasmine felt her mood improving. Sure she still felt the stress of the situation in the back of her mind, but it wasn't quite as overbearing as it had been. She had a friend with her now. Someone she could trust and could stick with. They could look after each other. It would be a lot safer than the two of them going it alone. Plus if Jasmine was going to have to take part in the Program she's rather do it with a friend by her side than do it alone.

Jasmine was about to say something to her friend when someone else called out to them. Turning sharply Jasmine saw Amanda White approaching them. Jasmine didn't know much about Amanda other than the fact she was on the track team and had broken her arm a few weeks prior to announcement day. Jasmine never paid much attention to sports and had no interest in them, something she was wondering would come back to haunt as the Program went on. So she'd never really had any meaningful interaction with Amanda. That looked like it was about to chance though.

Amanda herself didn't look to be a threat by any stretch of the imagination. She had a broken arm for a start. So Jasmine didn't feel tense. Even if she did try anything it would be two against one anyway and Jasmine was sure she'd be able to overpower someone with a broken regardless of how good their fitness levels were. Whichever way Jasmine looked at it she was safe and that helped keep her relaxed. It made greeting Amanda much easier.

"Hi Amanda." Jasmine said with a half-hearted shrug. "I'm doing as well as you'd expect." Amanda's appearance managed to both make Jasmine feel safer but at the same time it reinforced her thoughts about others being around the lake. It was an uncomfortable thought because of all the different scenarios it entailed. Jasmine knew she didn't want to find out what any of those scenarios were though. It was why she was still slightly on edge to be out in the open. She didn't voice her concerns out loud though. It didn't seem like a good time to bring the mood down.
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