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Appearantly, none of the people being on the lake meant harm. The resignation Amanda gave in faded away with every passing second. Not like she stopped being scared, nor did she lost any of her pessimism. However, to the mix of feelings and sensations Amanda felt already, curiosity stealed itself into it. The silhouettes lingering on the horizon seemingly didn't noticed Amanda. Lucky? Probably.

Amanda had the chance to sneak away, avoiding people who might or killers. Yet she didn't. She wanted to know who these people were. At least take a quick look. Maybe they were friendly people. Thus she slowly walked towards the couple, taking the duffle bag with her. Keeping her head low, Amanda tried to remain unnoticed.

Soon, she saw who the pair was. Ashley and Jasmine. Two ladies with a fondess of music, They had friendly chatter with each other. It confused Amanda, how could they be so carefree in this situation? She lurked a little nearer. What happened now, was something everyone with functioning common sense would deem as stupid, but alas, a well remembered gesture, deeply engraved in her memory, presented itself. And quite honest, they didn't seem too dangerous now, for Amanda at least.

She waved her hands, shallow words leaving her lips.

"Hello Jasmine.... hello Ashley.... how are you?"
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