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The girl raised her head in response to Ashley's voice. Ash's face broke into a genuine grin as she recognized Jasmine, one of her best friends and a bandmate. Hell yeah, we're getting the band back together! The Program ain't nothing compared to the power of music and friendship! Metaphorical music, considering that they had no instruments and playing songs probably wouldn't be the best of ideas anyway. But still, the music was in their hearts and she could barely think that with a straight face.

"Man, I am so glad that I've found ya, Jaz!" Ashley said as she reached her friend, giving her a quick hug. Ash didn't really feel any reservations about this. It was natural to comfort your friends during times of stress, y'know? To hell with worrying about showing weakness, and there wasn't anyone watching them, anyway. Probably. "Glad to hear that you're feeling a bit better, considering the circumstances!"

Ash shrugged as Jasmine asked her what had taken her so long. "Well, I had a bad dream, overslept, woke up, then freaked the fuck out. Ya know, the usual." Ashley made sure to keep a smile on her face through the conversation, hoping that it might help cheer Jasmine up a bit more. Smiles also do wonders for one's own attitude, of course! Staying positive was a proven survival technique! Proven by who? Eh, it didn't matter. Someone, somewhere, proved it, and that was more than enough for Ashley!
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