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Jasmine had been lost in her thoughts and worries, like what her parents were going through and how they'd responded. She was sure they'd be torn between pride and sadness. Her father would definitely be proud that one of his daughters was taking part in the Program. He'd always been very supportive of the American government. He would have been saddened by what it probably meant for Jasmine herself but he'd never give that away. Her mother on the other hand would probably be distraught...Jasmine forced the thoughts from her head. They weren't going to help her mental state and it was important that she at least tried to stay calm.

But even that seemed hollow to her. Of all of her classmates that were also in the Program only one of them got to win and go home. There was no way around it. You couldn't even find somewhere to hide and wait the game out thanks to the collars because they would probably kill you. As her memories continued to return though Jasmine realised they would kill her if she tried to hide. That option was out of the window. Things weren't looking good for her. Jasmine was broken out of her thoughts by someone calling out to her.

She raised her head and looked around. Someone was jogging towards her. They didn't seem to be aggressive so that was something. As they got closer jasmine was able to make out more of their features and it didn't take her long to realise that it was actually Ash who was approaching her. Jasmine couldn't help but smile. She was in a band with Ash; the chance of Ash actually coming over to attack her was so slim it was practically non-existent. That and she'd yelled out a greeting.

"Feeling better." Jasmine replied as Ash got closer, her voice was still hoarse so she didn't want to try yelling. At least she had one of her best friends with her, she could think of worse people to be stuck with; that was for sure. She slowly got to her feet. She wasn't as shaky but she'd been sitting for god knew how long and her legs were stiff from being in the same position for so long. She almost felt like hugging Ash but she drew a line. Even if Ash was her friend she didn't want her to know that the entire time Jasmine had spent awake so far had been made up of her freaking out. It was comforting though, having a friendly face around. Jasmine didn't feel as lonely as she did and she certainly didn't feel as empty as she had felt previously. Her fingers felt the skull on the end of her necklace.

In the back of her mind Jasmine wondered if anyone else was around the lake. If Ash had ended up nearby there was a chance others were nearby as well. Jasmine didn't consider it too important but it still nagged at her. The idea that they could be attacked at any time also preyed on her mind. But for the time being Jasmine was fine to just enjoy the moment.

"What took you so long getting here?"
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