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[Amanda White: Start]

Pain, the sole emotion Amanda felt at that moment, welcomed her as she woke up. Slowly regaining her consciousness, the blond girl realized where the pain came from. It was her arm, aching. Whatever happened during the time she was asleep, it was definitely not pleasant. Amanda's thoughts revolved around how terrible her arm was hurting for a while. Some silent curses escaped her. However, she suddenly noticed something different. Why does she felt cold? Why is her neck feeling so odd? Where the hell was she?

Amanda opened the eyes. This was not a place familiar with her. What she saw was a lake, a cold sun mirroring in it, creating a spectacular view. But this wasn't something Amanda cared about. She was somewhere in the middle of nowhere and her right arm was causing her pain. Trying to ignore the agonizing feeling, she tried to stand up. It was clumsy, and an independent viewer would have fun to watch her executing the awkward movements. She tried to avoid stressing her broken arm at all costs, it was damaged enough already. However, after a minute, she managed to stand stable. Her entire body was shaking. Cold snow covered her entire body. Creating a painful feeling of coldness where-ever it touched her skin. Slowly, she walked towards the water. She wanted to see herself, maybe it would help her, comfort her in some way.

After stumbling to the lake, still groggy, she fell down to her knees. She supported herself with the left arm. What she saw in her reflection, however, was everything else than comforting. A ring of metal was placed around her neck. Confusion marked her face, Amanda had no clue what this thing was.

A few seconds passed. Somewhere near, a female voice said something.

Amanda screamed. She remembered what happened. The hollowness she felt once her name was called. She remembered where she was. The place where she was supposed to kill her class mates. The scream faded away once tears were falling down. Sobbing replaced the initial shock. Getting thrown into Program was Amanda's greatest fear since the moment she heard of this sick project, and now she was participating in it. Her sorrow heightened. She realized that she is going to die here. It didn't matter how hard she was going to try. Her right arm was in a plaster cast. There was no way she was going to survive. More tears fell into the lake. One could see how her eyes were turning red, as she touched her deadly accessory.

Then, she realized that other people were here. She already heard a voice. Amanda looked around, her tears stopped falling. Fear filled her. What if one of her class mates, one of her friends, have already snapped and decided to kill? After all, she was sitting in the open. A perfect target. After scanning the envoirement with her eyes for a few more seconds, she spotted two people. One looks like she just woke up, the other one seemed more active. It relieved Amanda a bit, as long as they are busy with themselves, she has time to hide.

Walking back, she noticed her duffel bag. Amanda remembered what it was good for. Once she reached it, she opened it as quickly as she could. A first-aid kit, a jacket, a flashlight, a compass, rations and... a hedge clipper? Amanda knew that everyone was assigned weapons and that some got joke weapons. While a clipper could have been potentially useful, Amanda cursed her luck to have a "weapon" needing two hands. Her chances of survival just dropped below zero.

Pain, Sorrow, Frustration. Amanda never felt so terrible in her life before. Given these circumstances, Amanda just silently dropped to the ground. Suddenly, it wasn't important anymore who these people were. She lost. It isn't like she wanted to die, but the overwhelming situation was too much. She just lay down, waiting for whatever will come.
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