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The other girl had just left. Jasmine didn't even know why she had bothered entering the room if all she was going to do was leave. But it didn't bother her. She just didn't have to put up with another person. Although the excuse she gave about needing to do some homework reeked of bullshit. Jasmine would've preferred it if the girl had just walked in and then walked straight out without a word. At least then she wasn't trying to justify what she was doing. Not like it mattered anyway. Jasmine just hoped it was the end of all the interruptions that had been plaguing her since she had entered the room. All she wanted to do was practice her bass. She had even taken the time to find a music room for once. It wasn't too much to ask for the world to just give her some quiet and not have people walk in and out of the room constantly. She'd put up with less interruptions when she had practiced in a maths room.


The boy was clearly sticking around so Jasmine was going to have to just carry on as if he wasn't there. Maybe it was just the way the lunch period was going or maybe it was just Jasmine expecting to be interrupted but she put her fingers near the strings and waited for a split-second before starting to play again. As soon as her fingers touched the strings though, the boy spoke.

"Godammit." It was more of a statement than anything else and it was under her breath but still the amount of times she had tried to play a song was getting ridiculous. The boy had only spoken to make a smartass remark about the fact Jasmine was ignoring people. It was so pointless she didn't know why he had bothered, maybe he just wanted to fuck with her. She didn't know. She hadn't even been expecting him to speak, he'd been quiet for the rest of his time in the room and she hadn't seen any reason for that to chance. Something had though, that much was clear. The fact he kept talking helped cement that theory.

Jasmine let out a loud sigh. She had preferred it when he hadn't talked to her. "There's nothing aggressive about ignoring someone. It just means I don't want to talk to you. If I was being aggressive I would have told you to leave as soon as you walked in." Jasmine didn't actually turn to look at him as she spoke, which almost made it seem like she was talking to herself. "Shouldn't be that hard to understand."
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