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((I'm really sorry for the lateness of this post guys...))

Josie waited a minute or so for a response from the girl. When none seemed forthcoming, she gave an awkward smile as she sat in her chair. She looked over at the boy next to her, who wasn't speaking either. The tense atmosphere in the room was almost suffocating. 

After a few more minutes, Josie began to rise from her chair. She could that she wasn't welcome here. Hopefully she wasn't interrupting anything between the two of them. She gathered her books and her lunch bag as she stood. 

Looking from one person to another, she pondered what she should say. After a few seconds, she cleared her throat and spoke:

"Um, sorry guys, but I just remembered that I, um, had some homework for next period, so I, um, need to get going now. I hope that I didn't interrupt anything between the two of you. Bye!"

Josie waved at the two of them before attempting to adjust the positions of the things she was carrying. Once they were in a comfortable position, she hurried out the door, hoping to leave this awkward situation behind.

((Josephine Luu continued elsewhere))

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