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Jasmine was painfully aware of the boy’s presence as she continued to strum out the song. It didn't look like he was going to leave. That or he had decided that he would stay in the room for the duration of the free period. Both of the possibilities were incredibly awkward since Jasmine really didn't want to talk to him. Luckily he hadn't tried to talk to her again which meant she could at least play in peace. Although she really wanted to work on her composition and she was still unsure about working on it with someone else in the room. The only person she would really consider playing an unfinished piece in front of was Ash, and that was only because they were in a band together.

Playing a song she had played countless times before was boring for Jasmine though so she decided to play her composition. It wasn't like the boy had any right to ask her to stop. She had already been in the room when he had barged in so if he didn't like what she was playing he could just leave. It would suit Jasmine just fine because then she could practice in peace and not have the feeling that she was being watched and judged because it irked her; especially when she was practicing. She wouldn't normally mind but it wasn't a song that had been written by one of the bands she liked. It was a song she had written herself and it made it that much more personal.

She stopped playing to get her drink out of her bag, glancing at the boy as she did so. He had settled himself into a chair, so it looked like he had no intention of leaving the room. Jasmine took a couple of sips from her drink and placed it on the teacher’s desk when she was done. She crouched down again to take out a pen and her notepad. Flipping through the pages Jasmine realised that she had a lot of notes that she needed to catch up on. That was one of the problems with having horror movie marathons that ran through the night though. Eventually she found the page that had all the ideas she'd written down for her composition; which mostly consisted of messy handwriting of possible lyrics and the chords she was using. She set the notebook down on the table as well; making sure it was open to the right page.

Jasmine started to slowly strum out the intro of her song. The intro slowly built up to a break where the song started properly. As she was about to hit the break however she was interrupted by the sound of the door opening and someone greeting her. For the second time Jasmine brought her hand down on the strings of her bass to stop them making any noise and turned to greet the newcomer. She was disappointed by what she saw. A small Asian girl with glasses had entered the room. She was somehow smaller than the boy which was saying something. It occurred to Jasmine that the girl had greeted her and it would've been rude not to reply but she had successfully ignored the boy for his entire stay in the room so it didn't seem like a stretch to ignore another person. She gave another half-hearted shrug instead of actually replying and took another sip from her drink before starting to play the song again. Maybe she could get through it without being interrupted; but if her luck so far was anything to go by it was unlikely. She'd just have to deal with it.

It wasn't like it was a hard task. Just ignore the two other people in the room and continue to play her bass. If she got lucky they'd get bored and leave. If she was unlucky they'd stay and she'd have to spend her entire free period with them watching her. Jasmine definitely preferred the first option but that would only happen if both of the other occupants of the room left and since the boy had pulled up a chair that looked unlikely. So instead she'd just have to make do.
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