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Gerald frowned at the lack of response from the girl. He wouldn’t have minded if all she replied to his comment with was a shrug, after all the statement wasn’t much of a conversation starter, but the way she immediately turned her attention back to the instrument and didn’t look to him again made it seem like she was going out of her way to ignore him. That kind of reaction didn’t really sit well with him.

It wasn’t enough for him to comment on, not enough to make something of it, but the way he was being dismissed kind of irked him.

Despite her seeming unwillingness to engage him in any way the girl didn’t seem too put out by his presence in the room and that was good because he wasn’t going anywhere just yet; at least not until he felt enough time had passed that the hallways would have cleared of people he didn’t want to see.

The teen crossed his arms over his chest and settled into waiting, figuring he would give it at least ten minutes just to be safe, occupying his time by listening to the girl strum idly at her guitar, letting the notes fill in the silence with white noise and trying to figure out what song she was trying to play.

It was probably all of twenty or thirty seconds before he started to grow tired of this, feeling the urge to fidget building up within him; standing still and quiet had never been things Gerald had excelled at. Just before the urge to start tapping his foot came into play he turned his head back towards the girl with the shock of blonde hair and opened his mouth to say something, figuring he would at least attempt at a conversation again, to fill his time and ease his tension if nothing else.

Before he could get a word out however his attention was caught by the door to the room opening up again to admit a third person to the room. This one was another girl, one that this time Gerald felt he recognised from some of his lessons. Probably. Possibly… Maybe?

… He needed to pay more attention in his classes.

Whether he recognised her or not didn’t matter much as she seemed not to have much interest in him. She gave him a casual glance, noting his presence in the room before pulling up a chair and turning to face the girl with the guitar.

“Um, hi!”

Seeing as how the greeting wasn’t aimed at him Gerald just settled back into his chair, turning his head to look at each girl in turn like a spectator at a tennis match, wondering whether this newcomer would get snubbed like he did or if it was just him she didn’t want to speak to.
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