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Josie sighed as she shuffled through the hallway toward her locker. Today was not going very well. First, she had had to skip lunch in order to work on the math homework that she had forgotten the previous night, so she was stuck eating it during free period. Then, on her way outside, she had stepped in a puddle of water, soaking her shoes and socks, and to top it all off, once she had made it across the parking lot, she realized that she had left her lunch in her locker! 

So, here she was, back inside.  She smiled a little at the squeaking of her shoes on the tiled floor as she reached her locker. She quickly opened her locker and pulled out her paper lunch bag as well as a few things that she needed for her next class. After closing and locking her locker door, she turned and headed down the hallway.

As she walked, she heard a door slam shut not far from where she was. Upon further listening, the sound of music began to emanate from that direction as well. Intrigued, Josie walked toward the classroom, gripping her lunch bag. 

As she opened the door, she was greeted by the sight of two people. The first was a boy not much taller than Josie was. She recognised him from a couple of her classes, Gerald something. She doubted that he'd be able to recognise her, seeing as they hadn't really spoken before and he had slept through most of the classes that they had together. After piecing this together, Josie turned her head to the girl who was playing the guitar. She hadn't really spoken to her before, but she looked interesting. Not many people at school dyed their hair, and Josie didn't know anyone who played guitar. 

Clutching her lunch bag, she walked into the room and waved at the others. She tried to give a smile as she pulled up another chair and sat down, eager to make a good first impression. She turned to face the girl with the guitar and waved.

"Um, hi!"

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