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Jasmine was speeding the rhythm up and adding in her own parts as she got more warmed up. It felt good to play her bass since she hadn't had a chance at any other time during the day. She was also having fun for one of the first times in the day, sure she put effort into subjects other than music but that didn't mean she had to enjoy them. She hit her fastest playing speed, not that she ever actually played songs that fast since it generally didn't sound too great but she was just warming up and messing around. As she started to speed through the rhythm however someone else entered the room and broke her concentration.

Jasmine slapped her hand down onto the strings to stop any more sound being produced and looked up at the intruder. As it turned out the person who had interrupted her wasn't a teacher who wanted her to leave the room, which was a relief. It was however a Hispanic looking boy. There wasn't actually much of him to look at either, he looked to be considerably shorter than Jasmine herself and probably weighed 100lbs when soaking wet and holding two bricks. Regardless though he had barged into the room and disrupted Jasmine's practice, add to that the fact he looked to be part Hispanic at the least and Jasmine didn't want to acknowledge him.

Unfortunately he started talking to her. At least he complimented her bass guitar, god knows it had cost her parents enough but it had easily paid back that money in sheer terms of use. Jasmine couldn't remember a day when she hadn't played it at least once. So there was nothing to complain about there. The boy talking to her presented a problem though. Jasmine had never talked to minorities; her father had told her so many stories about all the minorities that were criminals. He always seemed to be working on a case involving a minority stealing something or killing someone. Jasmine saw no reason why he'd lie about his work plus it was well known that minorities weren't to be trusted.

Instead of responding to what he had said Jasmine just did a sort of half shrug and turned away. She had come into the room to practice and she didn't want to speak to a minority. He could stay in the room but Jasmine hoped he'd realise she wasn't going to actually say anything to her; she also hoped he didn't try to take any of her things. Since the bag alone had cost her about $50 and that wasn't counting anything she had in it, like her phone. She started to gently strum on the strings again; she wasn't sure what she wanted to play now that she'd been interrupted so she just settled for a song by her favourite band. It didn't require as much effort as working out a new composition.
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