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A cacophony of drums, guitars and screaming blasted into one of Jasmines ears through a headphone as she made her way through the corridors of Patriot High. She had her bass slung across her back and a satchel that had the logo of her favourite band on it dangling by her side. She had just finished a class and had a whole free period that she was planning to play her bass in. She wanted to continue work on a composition of her own and was on her way to one of the music rooms to do just that. A suitable alternative to the music room would have been somewhere quiet where she could nap. She had been up the night before watching some new horror movies and had managed around 2 hours of sleep in total, if she was being generous. Not that she really cared; she'd stayed awake throughout the whole of music and had managed to avoid falling asleep in Maths. History however was coming up later in the day and she wasn't sure if there was any work she had been supposed to do for it.

Jasmine briefly wondered where Ash was, it was always fun to practice with the other member of the band; even if they didn't have a name yet...or a drummer for that matter. Jasmine had been meaning to ask Ash about vocals as well, since they'd never really discussed it. Jasmine had never actually tried to sing properly before. Sure there were times she had sung along to a song when she had been playing it loudly due to being the only person in the house...or to annoy Topaz but proper singing, she'd never attempted it. She was curious as to how difficult it would be, because people had singing lessons so obviously it required skill as well as actual singing talent. Two things Jasmine was yet to discover she had. She had skill and talent on bass, but that was different. It didn't require the use of her vocal cords, unless she ended up doing backing vocals.

Jasmine pushed open the door of the first music room she reached. Luckily for her it was empty; it would've been embarrassing to crash a class that was in progress. But at least the teacher wouldn't have been able to fault her for trying to practice. She threw her satchel on the floor by the teacher’s desk and carefully took her bass off her shoulder. Opening the case she kept her bass in she gently laid it out on a desk before pausing her music.

Picking the bass up she looped the strap over her shoulder and strummed a few notes to check the tuning. She adjusted it so that it was a deeper pitch and began to play a basic rhythm. She felt like warming up and playing about before putting solid work into her own composition. It always worked better that way.
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