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Renee seemed miserable, and it seemed like she was going to cry too. It felt so miserable like this. It was probably going to be over soon, but how long?

But Leo chimed in, and Katie was back in planning mode when she heard him.

So what about Rebecca?

Rebecca wasn't likely to just sit down for tea, that was for certain. Only one was going to get out. Renee made the point of pointing this out.

So what can be done with a problem like Rebecca?


The thought popped into her head. They could just hide somewhere, and once she entered the cart they could introduce her with a spray of bullets. Would that work?

Renee came up with the same idea as her, so she wasn't alone in thinking that. Yeah, ambushing her was probably the best idea, actually. You know, catch her by surprise? That was honestly probably one of the best ideas to get her.

"I... agree. Ambush her, and catch her by surprise. We can hide out someplace where we can see her but she can't see us."

Katie looked around, looking for a possible place. The seats were good, though depending on how she entered and how they hid themselves they could be easily spotted. There didn't seem to be too many places for them to hide, however. After a second, she spoke up again.

"Guys? I think the best place for us is the seats. We just curl up on the floor somewhere in the middle, and when she pops in we just stand up and... do our thing."
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