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Still nothing to say as the two talked. He didn't have anyone to meet on the train, or messages to carry on. Everyone had died like he was going to. Standing became more and more laboring than he decided it was worth. After soaking in the atmosphere as long as he could Leo slowly sat back down. This wasn't a discussion he belonged in, and Renee had such an upper hand it wasn't even worth it to Leo to consider fighting back. I mind as well go out sitting on my ass.

Laying the sword on the floor he watched the girls talk to see of anything interesting happened. A few moments later he decided that Roy didn't die so Leo could loaf into the afterlife with indifference, so after collecting his thoughts Leo spoke up,

"So what do we do about this Rebecca chick?" She was the one who was probably going to start killing them out the the final four (if what the Sheriff said had been true), so they should find a way to take her out first. He looked at Katie for her response as Renee was free to decide to help them or not.

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