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How long had it been since laughter was possible for the kids from Alderbrook High School? This was actually the first time anyone had done so since he had woken up. His smile became less and less of a lie the more he concentrated on that memory.

The view outside was so familiar to traveling in a car on the highway. He could faintly hear the radio playing, and feel his family surrounding him. He relaxed a bit in the delusion.

Renee's entrance broke the silence, and his denial of the situation. Having jumped in a panic he hoped that nobody noticed, and he played it as pushing himself off the wall to join the conversation. Sighing as he did so, but he wasn't sure why.

After Katie's answer to Renee's idiotic attempt at conversation Leo tried to think of something to say to jab at it, but was too tired to try.

A shrug in agreement would have to do while he rolled his eyes behind closed lids.

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