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Leo began to laugh with her, and Katie felt good.

It was strange that either of them could laugh after so long. Really, it was. Katie didn't know how it was possible, but there it was. Laughter.

After they petered down, a few more beats. The carriage was silent for a moment, and although the atmosphere was a bit more relaxed, what was going to happen next? Was Renee going to try to kill her? Was Rebecca going to end up finishing the rest of them off? Was Leo going to betray her?

Katie didn't know the answer to that.

They might as well enjoy the silence for a little bit. It was just the two of them, and silence. Just what she needed. Silence.

And like all almost relaxing moments, it came to an end abruptly.

The door opened, and the first thing Katie noticed was a gun.

Her almost calm mood was replaced by the familiar sense of terror. But she had to look. Her eyes traced from the gun, to the wielder's arm, to her face, and...


She looked Renee straight in the eyes, feeling herself swallow some air.

She didn't know how to reply to that question. She just... couldn't.

Katie didn't know if Renee was the same. She didn't know if she was just nervous, or scared, or was planning on killing them both. She felt her hand grip the gun in her hand, her eyes continuing to examine Renee. She wasn't sure of what to feel right now. She just didn't know.

Finally, she came to an answer.

"Exactly what you'd expect", she replied, her voice lower than it would have been a few days ago.

She just didn't know.

She just didn't.
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